What we are all about…

Founded in 1937 the Stella Maris Rowing Club, Ringsend has now become the most decorated Rowing Club of the East Coast.

82 years of history, legacy, hard fought wins and well deserved glory – not without its not so glory days, none the less always something to celebrate or get behind for our club.

Like most sports, our on season runs from April to September. The majority of this time is taken up participating in Regattas along the East Coast of Ireland from as north as Skerries to the south of Arklow. Amongst this time we also take part in the All-Ireland Coastal Rowing Championship and the many rowing challanges organised by our other member clubs of the East Coast.

With great pride for our club, on a yearly basis every September we run our charity Hope Row which to date has raised €55,249 for various charities across the country.

Pictured below is a cheque for €5050.00 being presented to the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust as part of a chosen charity from our Hope Row

Our rowers range from 10 years of age to the much older Vets we won’t put an age on! All levels of experience are within our club – Our Junior section of 10-18 year olds to Adult Novice learners, Intermediate level, to those who have made their way to Junior and Senior level.

We have an extensive training programme available within our club with top of the range facilities in our brand new clubhouse. As part of your membership you will have full access to our gym, kitted out with state of the art concept 2 rowers, exercise bikes, treadmill, weight lifting equipment, prowler to name a few.

We are always on the look out for new members and have all our contact details in the menu of our homepage, along with links to all our social media accounts where you can contact us.

But for now… C’mon the Stella

One thought on “What we are all about…

  1. Hi There,
    If you have open days this year for new rowers with no experience you might let me know if you don’t mind.
    Damian Kelly


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